can someone check my diagnosis

  PhiltheFragger 21:45 31 Jul 08

Mesh XP media centre PC, core 2 duo cpu, 2Gb RAM
320Gb Hdd (Maxtor)Asus P5B-TMX/s Motherboard

Machine was showing a disc read error on startup
Tried to boot from XP cd to try chkdsk, but failed to load the cd files .

Im thinking knackered Hard drive, BUT I put hard drive into my other PC and I can access it fine.

I put another clean new hard drive into mesh PC and it still wont load from CD. I have changed the SATA cables and tried a third HDD.

System just fails to see the hard drives

I am now thinking that the SATA controller on the mobo is stuffed.

Anything else I can do


  woodchip 21:52 31 Jul 08

Have you tried running check disc while its in other PC?

  PhiltheFragger 21:53 31 Jul 08

Hi Woodchip

Yes it comes out clear

  woodchip 21:58 31 Jul 08

Was the computer on during a storm? as there seems to be a lot of dead or dying PC of late Laptop and Desktop's

  PhiltheFragger 22:01 31 Jul 08

Its poss, I need to check with customer
We did have a humdinger of a storm Monday night

  woodchip 22:03 31 Jul 08

You can get sata PCI cards but would it be worth it?

  PhiltheFragger 22:05 31 Jul 08

im thinking motherboard replacement

I can get a similar series board for about £45 with the same chipset

simple transplant and driver update

  woodchip 22:11 31 Jul 08

What about the OS if its tied to MOBO

  DieSse 22:11 31 Jul 08

Bad RAM?

  Flying Teddy 22:14 31 Jul 08

Is the CD drive OK?

  PhiltheFragger 22:16 31 Jul 08

Im pretty sure that the disk will be OK, I had the PC in about a year ago after a virus attack and reformatted it, the MESH disk was faulty and mesh gave us a generic replacement

I have swapped the RAM into another system and all seems stable

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