Can send but not receive email

  Rob Gibson 15:13 10 Jun 05

I have two email addresses - my main account and one sub-account (BTYahooBB). Outlook Express can send and receive on the main account without problem, but can only send (no receive) on the sub-account.

BTYahoo tell me that my mail is waiting in the inbox of the sub-account, but I can't download it. OE appears to connect, but nothing downloads.

This appears to have foxed the helpdesk agent, who has promised me a call back tomorrow from "the engineers".

I have checked all my OE settings, and nothing appears to have changed.

Any ideas would be much appreciated.



  flavas 15:16 10 Jun 05

what are the settings for both accounts
main pop3:
btybb pop3

  Rob Gibson 15:22 10 Jun 05


Thanks for the quick reply.

Both accounts are set up the same (except for the account name and email address). The sub-account did work fine, but obviously something has changed.

I'm a novice at this, but hope this is the info you asked for: O/G SMTP 25 I/C POP3 110


  flavas 15:27 10 Jun 05

o.k but need to know the pop3 and smtp server name
for both accounts.(eg,
There is a possibility that the sub account pop3 server should be different from the main

  Rob Gibson 15:35 10 Jun 05

I/C POP3 -

Same on both accounts.

Both BTYahoo BB.

Both been fine for the last six months, until yesterday!

  flavas 15:47 10 Jun 05

Do you receive any error messages while trying to check emails on the sub account?
Try deleting emails that you do not require any longer
The pop3 server should be instead of

  Rob Gibson 17:00 10 Jun 05


Found it!

Turned out that my password on the sub account was corupted somehow. I have had it re-set and all is now ok.

Thing is, how could I send mail using the sub account? OE didn't report any errors at all.

Thanks for your time and interest.



  flavas 17:09 10 Jun 05

When composing a new message, select the account that you want to use from the accounts buton (it shuld be next to the send button on the new message page)

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