can recieve but not send

  gob14 21:30 14 Nov 06

please help
my girlfriend has bought her laptop home from work and needs to recieve and send emails but they have to look like they cum from her not my account
i have it recieving them but cannot send them. im with aol but not using there software
please help shes driving me insane

  VoG II 21:42 14 Nov 06

This is a duplicate of click here

Please tick this and stick to your original thread.

  gob14 21:48 14 Nov 06

sorry thought it was more appropriate here ticked resolved on other

  p;3 22:58 16 Nov 06

click here; surely what you have said at the bottom of that thread

"she needs to recieve her mail of the work server and reply to it so it looks like it came from her work."

might ask why? is that not being a bit deceitful ;why is she trying to achieve this ?

  gob14 11:56 17 Nov 06

nothing deceitful. she just want it to read her [email protected] work. not [email protected] cuz people will prob delete as spam

  recap 13:42 17 Nov 06

What software/email client is your girlfriend using?

  wee eddie 16:03 17 Nov 06

When your girlfriend sends mail from work, does she do so from her laptop?

You can send and receive e-mail OK, I believe, but wish to send mail from a different address than that of your ISP. Is that right?

  p;3 18:13 17 Nov 06

has she already had mail sent from her AOL address treated as spam? and, if some has been returned as unwanted, are there any of her contacts who perhaps do not wish to have mail from her?

I may be wrong but I still have my reservations about the intent of all this

  gob14 09:40 18 Nov 06

yes she uses her laptop to connect wireless to netgear router. i have managed to get outlook to to send them now displaying her [email protected] work but if the customer replys it goes to my email.she did ask about remote desktop connection but was told she wasnt able to.

  p;3 14:04 18 Nov 06

if you wish mails to be returned to an address other than the one that sent them open outlook go to tools/accounts/mail/properties /general and see what addrress if any is in the reply address box(nb do not put it on forum)

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