Can only see part of display in BIOS

  MJC8917 10 Aug 12

I've just turned my new pc on for the first time, and successfully booted up into the BIOS. However I can only see a small part of it -as if it's zoomed in. A lot of the information is going off the screen. I've played around with the settings on the monitor, but it hasn't made much difference.

The monitor is an Asus PA238Q, and the motherboard is an Asus P8Z77-V DELUXE. I've currently got the monitor connected to the video card(EVGA gtx 670)with a DVI cable.

Any ideas as to why it could be doing this?

Urgh so close to having it set up!

  KRONOS the First 10 Aug 12

Are you talking about the POST screen or the BIOS itself?

Try reseating your graphics card.Try another Port.

I learnt recently that which connection on the GPU (GTX670)governed whether I say the Post screen or not. As I have two monitors my main monitor is connected to the display port and my secondary monitor is connected to the DVI if the second monitor is not on I do not see the POST screen. At least I did not as all of a sudden it now shows and I have know idea why.

  MJC8917 10 Aug 12

Thanks Chronos. I've fixed it now. I did a reboot and the display is correct :)


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