can only print once have to reboot for another

  johnnyrocker 16:01 15 Mar 08

i run an epson 870 printer which i have had some years and been very pleased with i have a situation now (cant remember when it started ) whereby i open up open office and a letter which i then print ok, in order to be able to print a further doc i have to reboot everything and it is ok for one more print then has to be reboted again and so on. xp pro sp2 any ideas where i start?


  rossgolf 16:03 15 Mar 08

on every software or just office?

  johnnyrocker 16:14 15 Mar 08

it would appear to be anything.


  rossgolf 16:15 15 Mar 08

sfc /scannow??

  rossgolf 16:16 15 Mar 08

reinstall drivers.?

  johnnyrocker 16:16 15 Mar 08

tried that as well as updating office to 2.4


  recap 16:36 15 Mar 08

Check Event viewer for error relating to this problem. Start/Control panel/Administrative Tools/Event Viewer. Check both software and system logs.

  johnnyrocker 17:00 15 Mar 08

i looked at event viewer which only shows application,security,system,antivirus and it confused me as system errors run from jan 2007 as latest error and application errors are dated 2074 or 2006 i am now very confused.


  cheap6 19:33 15 Mar 08

Try unpluging printer. then uninstaling software. Reboot pc then reinstall software and printer.

  T0SH 19:51 15 Mar 08

Would you happen to have this printer plugged into a BT home hub ? if so the single print job only is a known problem (and sadly to my knowledge unsolved to date) with the hubs built in print server

Cheers HC

  johnnyrocker 19:59 15 Mar 08

will try your suggestion if i havent packed all the stuff away as i am in the middle of preparing to move.

printer is connected to pc only.


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