Can not uninstall safeworld

  ordinateur 06:39 07 Sep 03

I tried safeworld from the september issue and can not uninstall it. When I try the computer tries to read of A:\. It does the same if I try to reinstall. How can I delete it?

  -pops- 08:29 07 Sep 03

Have you asked the manufacturers?

  Kitz E Kat 09:09 07 Sep 03

Hi, as a rule i never load nothing of a 'cover' CD, it seems to me to be inviting trouble.

No doubt many will argue i am wrong, however that's not the point,you want rid of it!!

click here, and see that there is a page dedicated to installation issues with the PCA Safeworld CD, i rest my case!!!!

The rest of the site is down at the minuite, so i can't see if there is a page on how to remove the thing.

Do you have Norton Utilities? It will remove a program that it has monitored during install , you could give that a try.

Have you tried Ctrl+Alt+DEl, to see if it is running, if so stop it and then try to remove it.
Meantime the Safeworld site will be back on line and may contain instructions there.

No doubt you can remove it in the registry , but that's a last resort.

Good Luck
Kitz E Kat

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