Can not print a HTML ebook

  iqs 21:23 23 Apr 09


I have an ebook which I would like to print.The book cost over £40 and I don't really want to carry it around with me.

I tried to print certain chapters,but the print option was not highlighted.It states its secured.
Its an HTML help file.

Any ideas please

  woodchip 21:50 23 Apr 09

Its called Copyright.

  iqs 10:01 24 Apr 09

Ho Woodchip.
I thought the reason why it was locked is to prevent copyright infringement,but it would of be nice to print off the chapters I needed.

  wiz-king 12:58 24 Apr 09

If you only want a few pages then you could open it up and do a 'print screen' to copy it to the clipdoard and the a 'ctrl v' to paste it into a blank Word doc. (print screen button top row of keyboard to the right of F12)

  wiz-king 13:00 24 Apr 09

clipdoard ??? = clipboard
And you can only do one screenfull at a time, tedious.

  iqs 15:37 24 Apr 09

should be Hi Woodchip,sorry

Thanks for the tip wiz-king.Will give it a try this evening,thank you

  woodchip 18:53 24 Apr 09

Not to worry, But I think you got my drift. without too many word. Do not want to sound blunt but though it was the only explanation I could offer. been to the coast today so feel a bit better

  iqs 19:35 24 Apr 09

Hi Woodchip.

A blunt and straight to the point answer is always best.
Its just annoying,I have other books which came supplied with an electronic version.I managed to print off what was required from those,just a shame the main book I will be referencing is secured.
Cheers Woodchip

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