Can not open PDF's "Operation failed"

  ashodd 10:03 30 Jan 08

Hi All,

I've got a bit of a problem at the moment were all the PDF's ive sent out in the last few days have not been able to be opened by the person who is receiving them.

They get a message that says "Operation Failed" .... tried researching it on the inet but with no luck.

Any help ?

  Diemmess 10:22 30 Jan 08

To the same person or different people?

  ashodd 10:25 30 Jan 08

So far on the adobe website i have found this:


ctrl-alt del then go to task manager. close acrord 32 , outlook , and your browser (Internet explorer or firefox for example)
now try it again.
this has worked for me .


The same email has been sent to three people at three differnce companies. two had the same error but the third could open it.

The above fix is only a temp one and does not permanently fix it.

Cheers for help.

  Diemmess 14:53 30 Jan 08

I was hoping someone would post with definative instructions but if it helps, my limited experience is all I can offer.

I use XP and an old version of Acrobat to generate a .pdf

Using Acrobat 6 as a reader generates occasional error warnings that I may not be able to read ....etc...the file, but usually can and Acrobat reader V 8 is there if I want it.

If you are making these PDF files in the first place then I can only suggest you try a uninstall/reinstall procedure with a reboot etc in between.
My arrangement also worked for 2K and possibly 98SE, but Vista is outside my experience so far.

  ashodd 15:03 30 Jan 08

We are on XP and use acrobat 8 with office 2007.

We are not creating the pdfs some of them are from websites. all that is being done with them is adding them to an email and sending it off, at first we thought it was because of office 07 but we tested sending it to the same people on another computer also with the same hardware and software and it worked meaning it had to be the computer that is making the problem.

Cheers for the idea but it did not seem to work

  bretsky 15:35 30 Jan 08

Are these pdfs created by you or are they pdfs grabbed off the net? Have your recipients tried saving the pdfs to their desktop or other location then opening them from there? or could be a broken link in their email program?

bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 15:37 30 Jan 08

Sorry missed last reply you made!!

bretsky ;0)

  ashodd 15:40 30 Jan 08

all of the pdf's are from the internet.

I can not really ask them to mess around saving it to there desktop etc as they are our clients fund managers, i wish i could !

as i said before ive found a temp fix on the adobe website but i need a more permanent fix.


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