Can not install my network card

  valmierietis 10:18 23 Aug 06

I am trying to install my network card from device manager (by pressing `update driver` button) and I get an error message:

an error occured during the installation of the device
the system cannot find the file specified

The only active button then is `Finish` and as a result my network card is not installed.
What is that? What should I do? I need to have my network card working as soon as possible!

  katebush 10:20 23 Aug 06


  valmierietis 10:23 23 Aug 06

Network card - Realtek on motherboard;
OS - WinXP SP2

  FelixTCat 10:25 23 Aug 06


Did you get a driver disk with the pc?

If so, insert the disk and when XP asks for the driver, point it at the correct folder on the disk. The driver will then load.



  valmierietis 10:28 23 Aug 06

No, I don't have a disc, but I looked for drivers in internet and found some in the motherboard's support page.. the problem is that I can't force system to accept these drivers..

  FelixTCat 11:04 23 Aug 06


Sorry, don't quite understand the "I can't force system to accept these drivers".

Normally the drivers are supplied as a zip file. Unzip the drivers into a folder and direct the system to that drive.

Sometimes they come as an exe file which you simply run.

What is going wrong?



  valmierietis 11:08 23 Aug 06

FelixTCat, I am doing everything just like you said.. unzipping and saying that I will specify the location, then giving the location.. and then I get that error message and all I can press is `Finish`.. so just nothing happens.. I don't know, maybe windows needs some extra files to install these drivers..

  FelixTCat 12:06 23 Aug 06


There is one other thing you could try. Go to the folder where you have put the drivers, right-click on the .inf file and click Install.



  mgmcc 13:32 23 Aug 06

<<< an error occured during the installation of the device - the system cannot find the file specified >>>

Did it say what the "file specified" was? I would expect Windows XP to install a standard Realtek network card without requiring any additional drivers.

  valmierietis 16:04 23 Aug 06

FelixTCat, ok, I will try to do that when I come home! I hope, something will change then..

mgmcc, yes, I would expect WindowXP the same.. and no - it did not say what file exactly it could not find..

  valmierietis 19:50 23 Aug 06

FelixTCat, unfortunately, your idea did not work! However, now the message in the property dialog box of the network card in device managers is as follows:

This device is not working properly because Windows cannot load the drivers required for this device. (Code 31)

Problem continues..

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