can not go back to previous ?

  Magik ®© 22:43 29 Apr 05

hi,if i am on a web site like this one, and i click on a link, I then can not go back to the previous page, also the "back" icon up in the top left hand corner is greyed out, if i click the "x" top right hand corner of the link, then it all goes back to the desktop, it has not always been like this. anyone any idea what i might have done.........thanks

  Audeal 22:46 29 Apr 05

As a temporary Measure you can right click on the page and click on the Back Option

  Magik ®© 22:53 29 Apr 05

Hi, I thought you might have sussed it, tried it, but the right click "back" is also greyed out.

thanks anyway

  Audeal 22:56 29 Apr 05

Maybe you will need to reinstall IE.

  dan11 22:57 29 Apr 05

If you click Ctrl + n. It will open an identical page you are reading. You can then click on the link and have your exsisting page visable. If you right click the link you can pick, open in a new window and do the same.

try avant browser click here Same as IE. You can import your favourites and uses iespell. it has a lot more features than IE.

  square eyes 23:00 29 Apr 05

This is probably a stupid suggestion but is it opening a new page on every click?
sorry if this is obviously not the prob

  Magik ®© 23:05 29 Apr 05

hi all, any link i click on, the page opens, but then there is no way back, just tried what dan11 said, but i still can not get it to work,, the back button is greyed out and clicking the cross gets rid of it all, right back to the desktop.

  dan11 23:13 29 Apr 05

Are you using I.E. If so a repair may be the thing as Audeal has mentioned. Or try a different browser. Avant, firefox or opera to name a few.:-)

  Magik ®© 23:14 29 Apr 05

thanks, i will try a repair first, and report back.......

  square eyes 23:17 29 Apr 05

Wait!! i have an idea

  square eyes 23:24 29 Apr 05

"clicking the cross gets rid of it all, right back to the desktop."
Makes me think its in folder options in control panel, go there and check "open each folder in same window"

Hope this helps

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