Can not delete SpyBot.

  Derries 14:22 05 Oct 05

Hi All. I want to delete SpyBot from my pc. Went into add and remove but it would not let me delete it.It also wont let me uninstall it from all programs. Spybot is not running on my pc any ideas please.

  johnnyrocker 14:27 05 Oct 05

does it not come with it's own uninstaller? failing that try in safe mode.


  Crunchy 14:33 05 Oct 05

Try the instructions on spybot website click here

  Derries 15:00 05 Oct 05

Went to website and followed instructions. Still can't delete it.

  €dstowe 15:05 05 Oct 05

If it isn't causing problems, it is probably best left alone and ignored.

All sorts of damage can be caused by removing programs incorrectly so, if it doesn't come out easily, give up.

  Derries 15:09 05 Oct 05

Hi £dstowe. Just having a clear out of programs that i don't use any more. And i am one of those people that if i can't remove something from my pc i want to know why.Thank you for your help.

  freaky 15:18 05 Oct 05

If you open the program, then click on Help, then Frequently asked Questions from the drop down box. It gives instructions on how to remove the program.

  pj123 15:24 05 Oct 05

Why do you want to remove it? It is doing a good job keeping your computer free from spyware.

I would also hope that you have a lot of other protection on your computer. Like AVG antivirus, Adaware, Spywareblaster and Zonealarm.

  Crunchy 15:49 05 Oct 05

If you removed the installation files as directed and run the download cleanup routine all the files to run SpyBot will have been removed. Are you quite sure it is still there?

  Derries 15:53 05 Oct 05

Hi Pj. Yes i got AVG,Adaware,Zonealarm and Spysweeper.As i said above i am just clearing programs that i don't use any more to create more space on the pc.Thank you for your post.

  Derries 15:55 05 Oct 05

Thank you all for your help.

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