Can neighbours get wireless signal from my router?

  RD9 22:33 30 Mar 09

I have 2 computers, one running XP and the other Vista. My broadband provider is Pipex. For a while now I have had problems with my broadband signal - sometimes non existent, sometimes very slow, occasionally ok.
My neighbour uses a laptop and is receiving a very clear wireless signal. Is it possible that she is receiving a signal from my router and could that be interferring with my signal? If so, is it possible to block the signal?

  Rizlo 22:36 30 Mar 09

Yes, unless you security enable it. You have a web key that you should enter when connecting that way, only people who have the web code can connect. Your code is usually found on the back of your router were the serial number etc is.

  mgmcc 23:07 30 Mar 09

You should secure your wireless network with WEP or WPA encryption, of which WPA is the preferred and more secure method.

If your neighbour's wireless router is using the same Channel as yours, this could be degrading your network's performance, so try changing the Channel number in your router's wireless settings.

  RD9 23:17 30 Mar 09

Thanks for your reply. Can you tell me where to enter the web code please, as my computer connects to the internet automatically.

  RD9 23:22 30 Mar 09

Thanks for your reply. I am not at all technical. Can you tell me where to find out about WPA encryption and how to change the Channel?

  Rizlo 23:28 30 Mar 09

On your desktop icons. just click on that and view wireless connections. Then just find which is your router, yes your neighbors routers will be their, anyway, press connect and if you have wap or wep it will ask for the web network key...if not anyone can enter your network. Do what i said and it should say, security enabled, if not send a question or ask me to show how to set it up.

  Rizlo 23:30 30 Mar 09

Sorry for the poor grammar as there is no edit option here, and i am tired, but follow what i said, and let us know THE RESULT.


  Rizlo 23:41 30 Mar 09

When you select wireless network connections, and then view them, it will say connected obviously, does it say, security-enabled wireless network? If it does the you are safe if not, you are a few steps away from having your wireless private and secure.

  peter99co 00:00 31 Mar 09

Connect to your router by an ethernet cable and set up your security first and then connect wirelessly when this is complete.

  Rizlo 00:04 31 Mar 09

He is connected, but wants to know if his neighbour can log into is router.

  Rizlo 00:05 31 Mar 09


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