Can MSW look for a specific document automaticaly?

  Antonio Machado 10:29 29 Jan 09

Hello experts !

Whenever I launch Microsoft Word I open first the same specific document in which I have my "To do list" and other practical information, so I was wondering if I could set it up so whenever I launch MSW it goes directly to that document, looks for it and display it ? is there any way to do it ? thanks in advance, best, Antonio.

  Eric10 10:37 29 Jan 09

Put a shortcut to the document on your desktop and Word will open with that document when it's double-clicked... or do you mean something else?

  Stuartli 10:40 29 Jan 09

You could try Task Manager using the Word file name for the document, but it's just a guess...

  Stuartli 10:41 29 Jan 09

Eric10's suggestion seems a good one.

  Antonio Machado 11:20 29 Jan 09

Hola Eric10: thank you very much for making time to help me. That is a great idea, but how do I do that? I mean whenever I am visiting any website I right click on it and it appears the option "Make a shortcut" but when I am working in a MSW document I can not find that option to make the shortcut, how can I make a shortcut from my document? I think your suggestion solves my question I just need to know the way I can do it. Thanks again, best, Antonio.

  canarieslover 11:34 29 Jan 09

Make shortcut in the normal way. Right click on document, click Create Shortcut, Cut & Paste shortcut to desktop.

  Antonio Machado 11:51 29 Jan 09

Hola Canarieslover: thanks for making time to help me. Well, here is the problem when I follow your suggestion: when I right click on my document it does appear the small box with the options "copy, paste... etc.", so that is the problem. In other words, Canarieslover: when I am visiting any website then I can do what you say because when I right-click on that website I see the option "Make a shortcut", that is easy. But when I am visiting a MSW document, it does appear a different box which does not include the option "Make a shortcut". Please continue helping me, I do apreciatte your help. Best, Antonio.

  DippyGirl 12:19 29 Jan 09

Dont know why Right-click on the document doesnt offer "create shortcut" but can yo try ...
Right click the desktop > New > Shortcut
Click Browse (and navigate to where you store your todo list) and select it (it should appear in the location)
Click Next
Give it a name > Finish

  Antonio Machado 13:38 29 Jan 09

Hola amigos !

Thanks for all your ideas and suggestions, I got it. I made the short-cut and now everything is working as good as I intented. Thanks a lot. Best, Antonio.

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