Can a monitor affect the speed of a computer?

  MeganRees 20:26 01 Jan 15

Hi there,

I have been gifted a brand new Packard Bell desktop computer running windows 8.1 for Christmas however it is running very slowly; much slower than my 5 year old laptop. I have not downloaded anything that could cause malware or viruses and i have defraged it. I am however using a old wharfdale TV as a monitor so was wondering if that could be the cause of slowness, as if it can't keep up?

Thanks for any help Megan

  BillSers 04:24 02 Jan 15

I can't answer properly, but I've had Wharfdale products years ago and never ever again.

  mole1944 05:05 02 Jan 15

I know it sounds obvious but have you tried a proper monitor or even another tv.You could also try glary utilities its like ccleaner but cleans up more crud click here

  wee eddie 08:01 02 Jan 15

Adding to what Mole has said. That I didn't say when you first Posted the Thread.

A TV is not the same as a Monitor, although it may look similar, there are several differences.

Try a proper PC Monitor.

  robintheumpteenth 09:18 02 Jan 15

The only way a display device could slow a computer down is if it is Autodetected with high-resolution and colour depth settings (demanding more processing).

Try adjusting screen resolution, but I doubt it is the cause of your problem.

More likely Unwanted programs running in the background. Try uninstalling anything you don't want.

  spuds 09:55 02 Jan 15

"I have been gifted a brand new Packard Bell desktop computer running windows 8.1"

And I think there might lie the problem, because I have a new computer with W8.1 pre-installed, and it came with unwanted programs working in the background.

If the desktop is brand new, then like already been suggested. Look around for a new monitor, there's plenty out there now, at rather good prices. Check the warranty periods though, they might be longer or shorter, depending where purchased from.

  alanrwood 10:25 02 Jan 15

The computer will not be slowed by whatever display is connected to it. It is probably too many background programs running automatically.

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