can i/how to change wireless encryption

  darthballs 10:45 22 Jul 09

does anyone know how to change the encryption type on a virgin wireless manager router? its on wpa-psk, and want to change it to wep or wpa-psk/2. i think i can do it if i uninstall it all and start over, but is it possible?


  mooly 12:06 22 Jul 09

WEP is the least secure of any.
Not sure if WPA PSK2 requires compatable hardware/software/firmware at "both ends" but for a home network WPA is fine. Just choose a totally random passkey.

  woodchip 12:16 22 Jul 09

as above you may as well not bother with encryption if you are going to change to wep

  darthballs 15:58 22 Jul 09

seems i can't change it anyway, wpa-psk is their default encryption, can't seem to switch it off either, shame, i only wanted to test my wifi on my phone!!


  woodchip 17:13 22 Jul 09

You can switch it of, by going into the Router Setup Page. You have to use a Web Browser to do it. You type an address for your router into address bard like IE.

Mine is you may differ I have a 3Com router

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