Can I watch BBC TV programmes more than 30 days after downloading using BBCiPlayer?

  Nagpur 11:29 AM 02 May 13

I have downloaded various BBC TV programmes into "wmv" format using BBCiPlayer. 30 days after downloading it seems it is no longer possible to view them since Error message comes up on screen telling me this. Is there any way of modifying, with additional software if necessary, each wmv file so that I can continue to watch these programmes after 30 days?

  Woolwell 12:14 PM 02 May 13

You would be breaching their terms and conditions which states "If you download BBC Content available on BBC iPlayer, it will be automatically deleted from your device once the period of time, during which that particular BBC Content is available to you, has expired."

I don't think that you can legally modify them if at all.

  Forum Editor 14:10 PM 02 May 13

Downloaded iPlayer files will become unwatchable 30 days from the date of download, and there's nothing you can do about that.

A good tip for extending that period slightly is to start watching the programme just before the 30 day limit; then the file will become viewable for an extra 7 days


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