Can I use two Routers?

  Hetti 16 Oct 11

I have had a nightmare since getting Virgin Medias Super home hub.

We have 5 PC'S three of them are on all day every day, two are spares. We had the hub located downstairs (engineer said it would be no problem for the PC upstairs).......NOT SO this PC is constantly freezing and losing internet connection although the signal strength is show as "good or excellent" , I realize it could be a problem with the PC not the Hub, but it was working great before we changed the the so called Super Hub.

What I wanted to ask is would I be able to set up my old D-link router and hard wire the PC in question? Would the D-link be able to connect to the virgin super hub or are there complications

  onthelimit1 17 Oct 11

I would say your easiest solution would be to have a Homeplug connected to existing router, then a wireless homepug upstairs. An example here

  Hetti 17 Oct 11


Thanks for link, however Virgin have given me a Wireless adapter which was supposed to be £30.00 but gave it to me free because of the problems I have had,they don't solve the problem though.

Would this Virgin wireless adapter be the same as the equipment you have shown me in the link? if it is the same it may be a waste of money.

Its not even a large house I have only a semi, cant understand how this "New Super hub" cant cope.

  Taff™ 18 Oct 11

There are all sorts of problems with these so called super hubs from Virgin. Two of my customers have been supplied them (VMDG280 & 480) and both have had problems resulting in Virgin sending out replacements. My best advice to you is to switch off the wireless function on these combined routers. Simply reattach your old D-Link wireless router and then reboot both in sequence. This should restore you to where you were previously.

The other consideration is that with the number of computers in use the problem could be caused by the users taking too much bandwidth from your connection. It would only take two of them to be playing online games to severely restrict the third one browsing the internet.


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