Can I use System File Checker with upgrade W7 disk/

  Pineman100 01 Aug 11

I've had all kinds of backup problems with my Windows 7 Home Premium laptop (see this thread if you're really interested!)

I want to run the System File Checker to try and get the W7 backup system working properly again. I've never used this function before, so I'd be very grateful for some guidance before I do:-

  1. My W7 disk is an upgrade. I bought the HP laptop with Vista installed and got the free W7 upgrade from HP a few months afterwards. I believe that SFC repairs broken system files by copying "clean" ones from the Windows disk - will it work OK with an upgrade disk? (It's all kosher and official).
  2. I believe that the syntax for running SFC at a command prompt is sfc /scannow (space after sfc). Is that correct? Do I have to add any switches to get broken files repaired?
  3. I presume that running SFC presents no threat to my data or instaled applications. Is that correct?

I'll be very grateful for any advice.

  ACOLYTE 01 Aug 11

I dont see why it shouldnt work,anyway here is a link link text

  Pineman100 01 Aug 11

Thanks very much Acolyte. That's a very helpful link.

Has anyone had personal experience of running SFC from an upgrade disk?

  sunnystaines 01 Aug 11

in windows 7 you run it from cmd you do not need a windows disc any more. so much easier in w7.

  Pineman100 01 Aug 11

Hi sunnystaines - many thanks. That's great news!

  Pineman100 03 Aug 11

OK, SFC job done. As sunnystaines said, no system disk was required.

To my surprise, the process found no repairs to be necessary.

Many thanks to everyone for your help with this.


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