Can I use my Dell hardware with a different make CPU

  Kay1 16:58 04 Sep 11

Hi Can anybody help me please? I have a 5 year old desktop that is starting to die. I want to look for the best CPU I can get but budget is limited & there is nothing wrong with my hardware, monitor, speakers etc. can I get another make or does it have to be a Dell

Thanks in advance

  northumbria61 22:02 04 Sep 11

You may find your answer on here enter link description here

  spuds 01:08 05 Sep 11

With some Dell parts there might be a slight problem, because Dell do have certain 'modified' parts that are made for their own machines.

As an example, Dell sell re-branded Lexmark printers as their own, but getting certain print cartridges to fit similar Dell/Lexmark may not work out, due to an additional small lug on the Dell print cartridges.

I would suggest that when obtaining any parts, check with the retailer first, and if their is any problems, the onus will be on the retailer to correct.

  Kay1 10:07 05 Sep 11

Thank for your answers Guys - very helpful

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