Can I use a laptop on its own wirelessly

  wobblymike 16:53 06 Apr 06

I have just repaired a friend's laptop, she wants to use it wirelessly, she does not have a desktop PC. The laptop does not have a pcmcia card in it nor does there seem to be a slot to insert one; is there a way I can set this up so she can use it wirelessly. I've done plesty of desktop wireless setups with router/modems and plenty of wirelsss laptops accessing them but not a laptop on its own. Any help gratefully received.

  dms05 17:03 06 Apr 06

I'm assuming you have an ADSL wireless router attached to the phone line and you want to set that up with a laptop that will only access the Internet by WiFi.

You really need to set up the ADSL Router part through a LAN cable attached to the laptops LAN socket. After you've set up the basics you can also enable WiFi but using the LAN connection.

Then use a USB 802.11g dongle on the laptop to access the Wireless Router and the Internet.

But I think you will have to go through the hybrid LAN route initially.

  Strawballs 09:00 07 Apr 06

click here This is what you will need for the laptop and you will need a wireless router for cable ISP or a wireless modem/router for ISP's through telephone socket and as dms05 said you will need to connect to the router via lan wire to set it up then you can go wireless.

  dms05 09:38 07 Apr 06

If you need to buy the ADSL Wifi Router and USB WiFi dongle here's a good bargain click here

  wobblymike 11:24 07 Apr 06


Thanks a lot most helpful

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