Can i use any Microsoft sticker code on any pc?

  buel 18:33 01 Jun 09

Hi, here's a question i've been wanting to ask for ages:
Hypothetically, if i buy a second hand pc from a car boot sale and find that the hard drive is damaged am i then able to install the same o.s on another pc using the original Microsoft sticker code?
Thank you.

  Quiller. 18:43 01 Jun 09

If it's an OEM licence, then technically, no. If you rang MS and said my mainboard or hard drive has fried and you are going to replace it, they may re-activate it for you.

If it is a retail copy sticker, I doubt it as these are usually on the CD case, you could get away with it if the licence number is not used on any other machine.

  Taff™ 14:56 02 Jun 09

You are testing some of the regular contributors patience here I`m afraid. You have several threads running about computers from either auctions or boot sales, each thread trying to load either XP Home, XP Pro or Windows 7 RC. As pointed out in one of the threads, none of us are going to tell you how to break Microsofts Licences or "hack" the codes - it is against forum rules.

In this scenario if it is an OEM licence it dies with the machine it`s on. Trying to use the COA code on an entirely different machine is illegal and will not work anyway. The original licence is tied to several elements of the hardware on the first machine it is registered to. (The Motherboard, Hard Disk Drive, etc) I think there are at least 5 elements that are involved. If you change a certain number of these in one go the registration will fail. As it will if you try to use it on a completely different computer.

If you have a full Retail Copy and Licence Key, which plainly you don`t have because you`ve admitted so in your other threads, you could install XP on any single machine at any one time. However if you tried to re-register that licence with Microsoft repeatedly it would be rejected and become useless.

The only way to get something for nothing in terms of Operating Systems is try Linux.

If and I say If, the only thing wrong with your Boot Sale computer is the hard drive you can replace it and re-install the original OS from disk - we`ve covered this in another thread. This would allow you to re-register the operating system with Microsoft.

Incidentally, how many auction or boot sale computers that don`t work did you buy?

  Taff™ 15:16 02 Jun 09

For anyone interested here are the other threads:

click here
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  Quiller. 15:22 02 Jun 09

"You are testing some of the regular contributors patience here I`m afraid."

I think not. It seems you and a couple of others took exception in the middle of the night click here, into some helpers, helping in the helproom. You thought you were moral about lending someone an XP disk without the codes. If you search the helproom history you will find that the FE has suggested this remedy for those who have not been given a OS disk with there machine and need to fix the machine.

You will also note that there are far more helpers helping to sort these problem problems than the 3 or 4 who are moaning.

If you don't like the thread, don't post on it.

  Quiller. 15:26 02 Jun 09

There are many who come back year after year posting different computer problems. Look down the helproom list now and you can see many who have posted time after time for years.

PS have you emailed the FE over your concerns????????

  Taff™ 16:57 02 Jun 09

Mistaken identity - I did not take exception in your first link, I offered my advice, exceptions came later..... similarly I don`t have any issues with using a disk providing the appropriate code for the machine is used. I have also been a regular on these forums for many years.

Perhaps my choice of opening words came across harshly, they were not meant to be taken that way. I continued to post what I hope most would consider the correct advice for this post and explained what will and won`t work as well as a reminder of forum rules! FE doesn`t need to be informed of anything yet, nothing has stepped over the mark and I shall continue to offer assistance to buel on this basis.

  lotvic 18:15 02 Jun 09

I'm sure cream. can sort it out ;-~

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