Can I use 2 wireless modems in the same house?

Had a Netgear DG834g wireless modem router which was fine and worked well, but couldn't get wi-fi reception upstairs. So...went and bought a Netgear DG834PN which is faster, and as it has "RangeMax" I thought it would be the answer. Sadly I cant get wi-fi connection at all with my laptop even 2m away, and no luck either with a PCI wireless card on a computer upstairs. Strangely I get really good link with my wireless PDA all over the house. So my qu is, does anyone know if it would work if I plugged in my old DG834g upstairs? Or would the whole telephone network in Scotland explode? Any ideas?....Thanks

  >steve< 22:26 05 Sep 06

i think what you need is a wireless repeater to boost the signal.

  sean-278262 22:28 05 Sep 06

You can use 2 wireless modems in your house however I am not totally sure regarding the ones you have how to do it. I hate networking my Zyxel 600 wireless one arrived today and it is confusing as hell!

This would be best reported to the Forum editor and gotten moved to networking for a quicker answer.


  >steve< 22:35 05 Sep 06

you can but it is best if you use the same routers.if you had the same routers you could go into settings page and change the channels(freqancy)from 11 to say 9.

Thanks - I'll give it a try and see what happens

  €dstowe 09:09 06 Sep 06

There is something very wrong if you can't get a connection 2 metres apart. I would investigate that before setting up two modems.

I have a DG834g router and it works over quite a long distance - through three walls and down to the bottom of my quite long garden. I can also pick up from a (non-encrypted) router of my neighbour over 100metres away. They also have the same model router.

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