can i upgrade the processor in my laptop ?

  stephen0205 22:30 08 Apr 07

hi there i have an acer aspire 3661 and it has a celeron m processor running at 1.4ghz and id like to know if u can upgrade the processor in it to make it faster, i know u can upgrader the memory as i have done so and that u can upgrade the hard drive so if anyone can help please do.

thanks. and your help will be appreciated

  a.nonymous 22:45 08 Apr 07

i dont think so.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:53 08 Apr 07

Probably not, It is a very difficult and time consumming job to strip and rebuild a laptop (hence the high charges for laptop repairs).

Laptops are not really meant to be upgraded other than memory and HDD.

  woodchip 23:44 08 Apr 07

Don't think it would be worth it, Not at to days prices how they have come down. It's not a nice job dismantling and reassembling a Laptop. And any body who does it will need cash, I have done one, Not updated CPU but striped one down

  stephen0205 14:26 09 Apr 07

ok thanks for the help

  interzone55 14:44 09 Apr 07

It is possible to upgrade a laptop CPU, but you need to be careful about cooling, you may need to update the heatsink & fan. Also laptops are very fiddly to work with, some of the screws are almost invisible.

  Belatucadrus 16:57 09 Apr 07

Some laptops are also ludicrously difficult to open, you take out all the screws, but the damned things stay clipped firmly together and unless you know exactly what need doing or are willing to risk applying considerable and potentially case cracking force. They remain resolutely and firmly closed, it's a potentially high risk operation.

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