Can I upgrade my celeron processor?

  Kol Casal 13:55 22 Jun 05

I have a basic HP pavillion machine with a celeron processor. How can I find out if I can upgrade the CPU to a pentium or amd? Looking through the documentation that came with the PC there are absolutely no details on the motherboard. I need find out if I have to upgrade the board before changing the CPU?

I am bit of a novice obviously!

  Smiler 15:00 22 Jun 05

What are the details of your computer?

  Kol Casal 15:16 22 Jun 05

It is a HPa309. Intel Celeron 2.4ghz, 256mb RAM, 40gb HD, Win XP... I'm not sure of anything else off the top of my head - what other details would you need to know the answer? I wanted to expand the memory and upgrade to a bigger and faster HD too. Thanks

  dan11 15:49 22 Jun 05

The manual is not very good.:-(

You will need to find the make and model of the motherboard. Download everest home click here. Look under computer > summary > motherboard name. See if this helps.

You will need the manual if you decide to swap the hard drive. It has information you will need to use your recovery cd. click here

  Kol Casal 16:22 22 Jun 05

Thanks Dan downloaded Everest and it tells me the Mother board is:

MSI MS-6577

I'm having a look on MSI's site but can't find much...

  woodchip 16:26 22 Jun 05

Suggest you look at some of these

click here

click here=

  Kol Casal 16:39 22 Jun 05

Great wood chip

This link (sorry I don't know how to turn it into a quick link)shows you the spec of what I think is my board, although I don't know which Rev I have.

It says compatible with Pentium, does this mean I could fit a P4?

click here

  woodchip 16:43 22 Jun 05

Yes on your link it will take a P4 but no indication of what size

  woodchip 16:47 22 Jun 05

I have a MSI not mush different to your's with a Cel 2.6 that takes up to about 3G CPU it’s a Medion. But I think your's is older than mine as it say's P4 and Celeron (Willamette, Northwood) where nine is a Prescot. I may be wrong

  Kol Casal 17:06 22 Jun 05

thanks for the help woodship

  Kol Casal 17:47 22 Jun 05

finally found the actual spec for my pc on the hp website..

Motherboard click here

Looks like I should be able to upgrade to a pentium, but no indication of the speed...

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