Can I swap rows for columns

  gshep 11:10 07 Feb 06

I have a spreadsheet with names and addresses laid out in rows.
I would like to rotate the data so that the records appear in columns instead of rows.
Is there a simple way of doing this as I hate the thought of having to type it all in again.

  BigAl127 11:26 07 Feb 06

Convert columns to rows, or rows to columns
Say you have a column of text:


That you want to change into a row, like so:

Dairy Meat Beverages Produce

Or maybe you have a row of data that you want to change into a column.

Moving the data manually, one item at a time, would be a tedious process. To save time, you can use the Paste Special command to quickly transpose a column of data to a row of data, or vice versa.

Move data between rows and columns
Copy the data in one or more columns or rows.
Before you paste the copied data, right-click your first destination cell (the first cell of the row or column into which you want to paste your data), and then click Paste Special.
In the Paste Special dialog box, select Transpose, and then click OK.
You'll find theTranspose check box in the lower-right corner of the dialog box:

Starting with your first cell, Excel pastes the data into a row or column.


Columns and rows can not overlap. For example, if you select values in Column C, and try to paste them into a row that overlaps Column C, Excel displays an error message. When you go to paste a column or row, the destination area must be outside of the original values.
If you copy and paste data from more than one column, Excel places the data from the leftmost column on top. For example, say you copy data from columns A and B of a worksheet, and you paste the data into another worksheet starting at row 1. Excel places the data from column A in row 1, column B in row 2, and so on.
If you don't see the Paste Special command, make sure you right-click the first destination cell. You'll also find the command on the Edit menu. If you still don't see the command, make sure you're using Excel 2000 or later.

  gshep 12:24 07 Feb 06

Thanks BigAl127.
I know the infromation is there somewhere but I never seem to ask the right questions in HELP
Anyway your response solved my problem. Thanks again.

  Simsy 17:11 07 Feb 06

with anything other than a single row or column, that is, not with a big block of data...

But what you want is;

Select the cells in question, Copy, PasteSpecial. and tick the "Transpose" box

That should do it.

You may need to experiment with the other boxes, i.e. to see whether you want values or formulas pasted.

Good luck,



  Simsy 17:13 07 Feb 06

I can't believe I've just done that... posted teh answer after the answer had already been posted... hours ago!!

Sorry... I just didn't read it all!



  wee eddie 18:21 07 Feb 06

Don't act yet, the resident Wizard hasn't visited.
Vog's his name and if it can be done simply, he will know.

  VoG II 18:29 07 Feb 06

BigAl127's method is the one I would use.

  gshep 09:58 10 Feb 06

Thanks lads. I can't believe that there are so many people out there just itching to be helpful. I love you all

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