Can I stop that noise everytime an EMail arrives ?

  timothywilliam 17:16 09 Dec 06

I run XP, with BtYahoo as my browser and use OE for E Mail.

I want to stop that 'sound' which happens everytime someone sends me an E Mail when I am On Line in my Browser BtYahoo. A small notication window flashes in the bottom right hand of the screen when an E mail arrives. The 'sound' is something akin to an artillery shell landing in soft mud a few miles away. (The only way I can describe it I'm afraid) I have been into Windows Control panel > Sounds and selected None for Incoming Mail but this does not stop it.

Anyone any ideas please ? Thanks.

  octal 17:26 09 Dec 06

Sorry I can't help you Timothy, but your description of the sound made me laugh, thanks.

  palinka 17:49 09 Dec 06

Just a thought, cos it's some time since I used that area - did you also click "Save" or "Apply"(or similar) after changing to None? otherwise the change may not take effect.

  Stuartli 17:49 09 Dec 06

OE's Tools>Options>General tab>Uncheck Play Sound When New Message Arrives.

  Pamy 17:55 09 Dec 06

Click on Messenger , then preferences

  jaritch 18:01 09 Dec 06

Turn your speakers off

  timothywilliam 12:06 10 Dec 06


Thanks for that advice folks. Stuartli, I think you have the answer. Although I had looked all over I didn't see that box and it was ticked so my guess is that has solved the issue. Time will tell.

Thanks, great forum.

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