can i start a striped down version of my computer

  stuj 21:34 20 Jul 10

i'm trying to run pinnacle studio on my xp desktop, quite old, quite slow (1.25 ram). so many other programmes are competing for the same memory that pinnacle struggles. what i would like to do would be start windows but be able to decide which programmes can start up as well, i.e. stop all the antivirus etc from starting. i have tryied to copy a profile and disable the programmes this way but only to limeted effect. is there a better way to do this.
pinnacle runs from a second drive plus i have increased the page file size.

  woodchip 21:51 20 Jul 10

No Idea what you want to do But I run Pinnacle on very low speck PC only one gig ram XP Home

  woodchip 21:52 20 Jul 10

No Idea what you want to do But I run Pinnacle 9.3 on very low speck PC only one gig ram XP Home

  mr simon 21:56 20 Jul 10

Start = Run = type in msconfig = then click the startup tab and select the programs you want to automatically boot up when windows starts.

  Dipso 21:57 20 Jul 10

mr simon has told you the manual way or you could use a program like click here to do it for you.

  mr simon 23:02 20 Jul 10

CCleaner also has a startup manager built in.

  woodchip 23:09 20 Jul 10

I think what he means is, is computer is too slow to load run Pinnacle

  Strawballs 01:51 21 Jul 10

You can stop everything EXCEPT antivirus if you like, stop that and it won't be long before it will be very slow.

  Dipso 06:40 21 Jul 10

If stuj disconnects the connection to the net it would be OK though wouldn't it?

  stuj 10:24 21 Jul 10

i think what i meant would like have two start up options, 1 that was fully protected, antivirus etc for normal use and a second that ran nothing other than a basic windows, suppose i'm being a bit lazy in not wanting to enable/ disable everytime i want to use one programme

  Dipso 17:01 21 Jul 10

Why not set up two profiles then? One for when you are using Pinnacle and one when your not?

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