Can I share home broadband connection with work PC

  haven't a clue 14:29 30 Nov 04

On occasions I work from home and can connect to work through my ntl broadband usb connection.

The problem with this is whilst I have the connection Mrs 'Haven't a clue' is obviously unable to use it to connect on our home PC.

Is there some sort of gubbins I can use which will enable me to connect to work and at the same time my wife to connect as well. Some sort of splitting device?
cheers guys

  Technotiger 14:34 30 Nov 04

Hi, yes quite easily - go to click here where you will find all the answers. Good luck. lol

  Noelg23 14:38 30 Nov 04

try a network, either a router or a hub or even a network cable if the PCs are not too far away from each other...

  haven't a clue 15:12 30 Nov 04

thanks, but still not sure what I need. Both PCs are in the same room and close to each other, so maybe a network cable will do the trick. Question is not being conversant with such, what do I need to look/ask for?
From the set top box I have a cable with a usb connector. What do I need to ask for in terms of what to plug this into which will then be split to the two PCs? I can then perhaps look on for it

  Noelg23 15:15 30 Nov 04

of course there is always google...what you need is a crossover cable if your connecting two PCs directly without a hub or router...only problem is cos you have a USB modem the PC with the modem has to be switched on at all times so the other person can use the Internet.

  Technotiger 15:18 30 Nov 04

Hi again, in the the billion site go to Support>FAQ>ADSL Modem/Router you will find lots of relevant intructions. HTH.

  plsndrs3 15:23 30 Nov 04

I had this problem with a BT box that was connected via USB leads.

In the end, the easiest solution for me was to buy a second cable, leave one cable connected to the home PC anopther to the works PC and leave them near the box [actually ended up wrapping an elastic band around the 2 - but that's another story]. I labelled one 'home PC' and the other 'work PC' and explained how to unplug my work and plug in the home PC when she wanted to go internet surfing. A much cheaper alternative than buying boxes and routers and so on!

Only drawback was that the works PC would never be plugged back in - the number of times I contacted helpline for no reason!



  SEASHANTY 15:24 30 Nov 04

He is using NTL cable broadband apparently not ADSL.

  SEASHANTY 15:28 30 Nov 04

Check out Robin Walkers website for NTL and Telewest
re sharing connections on the cable modem
click here

  SEASHANTY 15:33 30 Nov 04

Also see the guide on Networklab
click here

  haven't a clue 16:01 30 Nov 04

thanks for your help guys I now have somewhere to start

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