Can I sell legally ?

  barabbus 19:39 22 Jan 04

I want to sell refurbished PCs with Windows Pre-Installed but not provide the Disk/Licence, would this be ok or is there something that i have missed somewhere, Ive tried the library,microsoft website and even e-mailed Microsoft but they wont reply. Please can anyone help, maybe point me in the right direction - thanks in advance.

  gold 47 19:45 22 Jan 04

Then the computer you are selling will be useless as the person buying will have to buy a full copy of what ever OS they are running if they have a crash for what ever reason and have to reinstall the OS.

  Dazwm 19:47 22 Jan 04

I think it is illegal to sell a computer without the disc/license.

  hoop 20:04 22 Jan 04

From what I can gather you can sell with the licence number, but don`t have to supply the discs. Time have been doing it for some time, recently not even supplying recovery discs according to some on the forum.

Check with OS supplier about full facts on licence.


  hoop 20:06 22 Jan 04

Further, I have seen pc`s advertised as having an OS installed for testing purposes only, but think buyer is supposed to then buy a licence/full OS themselves.


  y_not 20:08 22 Jan 04

As I understand the license is to use the O/S on ONE system only therefore you can do so, legally, provided that you have a different copy of the O/S for each system (and a different key).

However, under those circumstances why not supply the original O/S disc with the PC unless you anticipate that someone will "Pirate" the original and use on additional systems?

  R4 20:23 22 Jan 04

There is nothing to stop you selling the PC's but if you sell them with a 'Pre-Loaded' O/S you will have to use:-

either .. a Legal OEM O/S preferably with at least a recovery disk

or 2 .. The original O/S that the PC had before complete with disk and license.

Another option is to use Linux which can be obtained free and allows free distibution.

Anything else would be classed as Piracy.

  ventanas 21:53 22 Jan 04

R4 has it in a nutshell. If the O/S installed on the pc's you wish to sell was installed from a CD you must hand over that CD (and any copies of it) You must also hand over the original licence agreement, and the installation key.

To do it any other way contravenes the licence, and is therefore illegal.

This info is on the Microsoft web site.

  usjeff 21:57 22 Jan 04

Think of all the treads weve had here where the users become stuck because of the No disc practice. OEM disks are available with build components.& create a specific driver disc for them to use . At least your customers stand a chance. No disrespect intended just thoughts. theres another advantage > they come back for more.

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