Can I safely turn off security on a router?

  Sapins 18:49 20 Feb 11

I need to turn off the security on a Netgear router, what are the risks?

  Batch 18:58 20 Feb 11

Why do you want to "turn off the security"?

And what specific aspects of the router security are you referring to?

  Sapins 19:08 20 Feb 11

Hi, I can only connect an Internet Radio with the wireless security disabled.

  961 19:11 20 Feb 11

I think if you consult the full instructions for your radio you may well be able to enable it to receive programmes with your router security in place

Radio make and model?

  961 19:13 20 Feb 11

Forgive me, to answer the actual question you asked then, yes, if you have security on your computer etc that is adequate

But router security systems are a good way to stop trouble

  Sapins 19:27 20 Feb 11

Radio is a Freecom MusicPal, now I have it conncted I will look at the instructions

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