Can I run 2 PC's from 1 landline?

  alfredgerald 13:47 13 Oct 09

Background. All the ports/USB’s are in use on my desktop PC. I don’t want to create a network (wireless or otherwise) and this is only temporary.

I want to run 2 computers off a single landline. I realise that only one can be running at any given time. I have spare telephone extension sockets.

I have a spare modem and cables from my ISP; if I attach the modem and connection software to the second computer will I be able to access the Web?

  OTT_Buzzard 14:01 13 Oct 09

"Can I run 2 PC's from 1 landline?"

No on dial-up. You can only do it with broadband and a multi-port router.

  alfredgerald 14:09 13 Oct 09

I've got broadband. Can you explain multi-port?

  OTT_Buzzard 14:18 13 Oct 09

ok, your post read like you were on dial up.

A multi port router has sockets in the back for more than one LAN cable (i.e. the cable that runs from your router to the PC).

If you plug two PC's into the same router it will normally automatically set-up a network between them, although you can disable all networking from within the operating systems if you really don't want that.

You can also run a LAN cable between routers.

Your telephone extension won't be of any use, I'm afraid. You can only have one router connecting with your ISP.

  alfredgerald 14:24 13 Oct 09

What if I unplug the first computer completely from the telephone socket, then plug in the second one with the other modem? I only need 1 PC at any given time on the landline.

  peter99co 14:59 13 Oct 09

Providing you connect the computer (in use ) with ethernet cable to the back of the modem it will work. I used to do this between a PC and a Laptop on a NTL/Virgin modem

  DieSse 16:56 13 Oct 09

Yes you can run two different PCs as long as only one is actually cabled up at any one time.

  alfredgerald 15:03 14 Oct 09

Thanks. Just tried it and it works.

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