Can I retrieve a copy of Windows 7 from the recovery section of hard drive?

  bernvs 14:29 03 Aug 11

I am about to purchase a desktop computer from a well known Store (--m--), who advises me that it does not come with a Windows 7 disk. The installed Windows 7 program backup is in the recovery section of the Hard Drive. I am wondering how I would get on if a 'blue screen' error occurred. Can I obtain a copy from Microsoft and if so how? or is it possible to burn a copy from the recovery section to a CD disk? I am tied to this store because of a considerable amount on a gift card that I need to use. Help will be much appreciated bernvs

  mgmcc 14:56 03 Aug 11

You can download .ISO files from which to burn legitimate Windows 7 SP1 DVDs from this page although, of course, you still need to have a valid Product Key (which should come with the PC).

  wee eddie 15:53 03 Aug 11

I have never bought a PC with Windows Pre-installed but, if I remember correctly, you will be prompted to make a Recovery Disk when you turn it on for the first time.

So have a blank CD handy.

  onthelimit1 17:37 03 Aug 11

You'll probably find you need at least 3 DVDs for this.

  Karakorum 00:47 04 Aug 11

You could always download a copy of the User Manual from the manufacturers support website and check how to do a Recovery in that.

  mgmcc 08:40 04 Aug 11

The other option is to use an imaging program such as Acronis True Image (although the latest version has poor reviews on Amazon) or the free Paragon Backup & Recovery 2011. Create a backup image on an external hard drive when the PC is new and then on a regular basis so, if you ever have problems, you can restore to a previous good working state.

  gengiscant 10:13 04 Aug 11

'mgmcc' that site is most useful. Cheers.

  bernvs 10:35 04 Aug 11

Many thanks to all of you for the options. As always this site comes up trumps. Regards


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