can I rename itunes album names

  frenchman96 02 Jan 13

Hi there

I have just copied my music albums from my memory stick, to my Itunes on .

Some of them show the name of artist. Some show name of artist and the words "unknown album" some show "unknown artist" and "unknown artist"

Any idea why, and how can I edit to insert name.

  Chronos the 2nd 02 Jan 13

Open itunes,right click song/album click on Get info then Info and you can change or add titles ETC, if you also click on Artwork you can also change/add an image.

  frenchman96 02 Jan 13

Thanks for that, so I go into that box that appears and edit to suit?

Is it same place for artwork as a prompt says to go to Itune store, does it mean I can find any/all album artwork for each album?

  Chronos the 2nd 02 Jan 13

What I tend to do is either let itunes have a go at finding the album cover or just Google the album name click on images and then save a picture that I want and then use that.

As most of my albums tend to be compilations (Hardstyle) I grab what I want, right click the image, click on Save picture as rename it then stick it in a folder in MY Picture's.You can then copy and paste it into the Artwork box for your album.

Chronos: you live and learn. I'd never heard of Hardstyle before, so had to look it up. Hmmm... ;-)

  Chronos the 2nd 02 Jan 13

Ian in Northampton

Odd style of music for a 59 year old to like but there you go.

Well, one or two things you've said, plus your user name, made me think you might be the north side of 40. I'm actually a year older than you, but stuck in the days of The Who, Deep Purple, Fairport Convention, Joni Mitchell, Roxy Music...


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