Can I record a digital program on Toshiba DVD Recorder &VCR

  Trenny 14 Mar 13

I have a Toshiba DVD Recorder &VCR which used to record analogue TV programs. Is it possible to record Digital TV programs with it? It plays DVDs and VCRs quite OK. This isn't strictly 'computers', I realise, but am lost as to where to look for an answer.

  john bunyan 14 Mar 13

You need to connect it to a Digital Set Top Box, which are quite cheap.You set it to record from AV and set the box to be on the challel you want at the time you want.


Argos set top boxes

  john bunyan 14 Mar 13

Challel = channel!

  Trenny 14 Mar 13

Many thanks. We have a set top box somewhere, i think! I was hoping that it might record without an extra appendage! I'll get my husband to have another go and report back.

  Lazarus The 2nd 14 Mar 13

What's the Model Number of the Toshiba DVD Recorder.

  Trenny 14 Mar 13

What I meant to ask is - Can the Toshiba VCR be used in conjunction with our Sony Digital TV? I understand that there isn't a suitable socket or something. Sorry to be vague,

Lazerus the 2nd - D-VR35SB

  john bunyan 14 Mar 13

I suspect that the Toshiba has a SCART , not HDMI output. Inside the tuner is analogue - now out of date. A set top box effectively becomes the tuner for the Toshiba. If there is an input SCART or HDMI on it you could, theoretically , get it to record from your television but there does not seem much point, and it means you have to programme the TV to output the channel you want - maybe whist you are out. In the end ,costly qas it may be, it is worth getting a digital DVD / HD recorder. If your TV has a SCART connector you should be able to watch VCR output.

  Lazarus The 2nd 15 Mar 13

Getting there slowly, Next,

What's the Model Number of the Sony Digital TV..

  Trenny 15 Mar 13

Sony LCD Colour TV Bravia 32EX52X. Many thanks for your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15 Mar 13

TV connections connect a scart or composit cable from the Tosh to the sony

  Trenny 27 May 13

Many thanks, all. We eventually bought a Humax Recorder and my son set it up and it works a dream.


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