Can I re-install XP on another computer?

  Quilljar 10:09 04 Apr 05

I have a legal CD of Win XP and have been using its OS on my main PC for about two years. I have recently been given another PC which is quite powerful, but without a hard disc. My friend has removed it for security. I have a spare clean HD and would like to know if it is possible and legal to install my Win XP OS onto it?

  Vitruvian Man 10:19 04 Apr 05

no as windows xp is only licenced for one computer and installing it on two will breach the contract with microsoft. i think this is right.

  jbp1982 10:25 04 Apr 05

If it's an OEM version that stays with the computer it came on, which it most likely is.

If you have a retail version, then you can have it one the new computer if you take it off the other one. I think.

Retail versions are alot more expensive that OEM.

You are only licensed to have one copy of XP.


  pauldonovan 10:26 04 Apr 05

...i.e. if you bought it with (installed on) a PC generally it will be OEM and is tied to that PC.

I believe (IIRC) that if you bought a full packaged off-the-shelf product as long as you don't have it installed on more than one PC you should be ok....worth checking though with Microsoft however section 13 of the below seems pretty clear to me:

click here

i.e. if you have the full retail boxed product you can transfer to another machine but can' t keep it on any existing.

  Quilljar 10:33 04 Apr 05

OK then, what about a copy of Windows ME that was originally on the same computer? Can I install that onto the new Hard disc?

  jbp1982 10:50 04 Apr 05

Read the certificates of authenticity if its OEM then NO. If says Retail then you can install where ever you want as long as you only keep one copy on one machine. Your only liscenced to have it one computer.

Alternatively buy another license/copy of windows XP.

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