Can I play stereo sound through one laptop built-in speaker?

  SirMetal 20:20 09 Sep 12


My laptop only has one built-in speaker, and this outputs the left channel only (annoying!).

After much tinkering and Google searching, I cannot come to a definitive solution.

Is it possible to output both channels through one speaker (AKA mono)?



  eedcam 22:28 09 Sep 12

You should be able to select mono on your sound card . Go to your audio devices and have alookaroud

  Woolwell 22:54 09 Sep 12

I haven't come across a laptop with just one speaker. It should be possible to configure this through sounds. What is the OS?

  SirMetal 23:06 09 Sep 12

@Woolwell: Neither had I, until I bought this fantastic budget laptop! :)

@eedcam: I've been through the sound card settings — and the Realtek audio settings — but there's nothing here in this regard.

The OS is Windows 7. I've heard Windows 7 doesn't support mono output (along with some other stupid exclusions — no native A2DP being an example, but I digress) yet I was wondering if there are any 3rd party tools I can use? iTunes doesn't even have this option (it does on the Mac), and neither does WMP from what I can (or can't) see.

  • Callum
  Furkin 08:19 10 Sep 12

The technical answer is Yes – you can feed two channels to one speaker. It happens all the time; TV’s, Radio’s etc that have one speaker, still play stereo (though obviously it comes out as Mono) – but that’s not the question here.

Maybe if you post details of the laptop, someone may have already gone through what you are going through.

I’m also running Win 7 ult – 32bit, and have had my own problems over the past few days (which were solved on these pages – thanks again) and as been mentioned, I don’t recall seeing Mono mentioned anywhere either.

Good luck

  eedcam 09:26 10 Sep 12

Sir metal there should be a drop down box for the speaker settings which is found (on mine) under playback >advanced .One dumb thought you hae not inadvertently got the balance slammed over to one side

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