can I Mix different types of powerline adapters

  mrwoo 20 Oct 12

I want to use powerline adapters with ac power passthrough in one part of my house. A third powersocket hasn't got enough space between the socket and skirting board, can I also use the "standard" type of adapter elsewhere (without the AC power passthrough).

This would mean I would have 3 dapaters in total, 2 the same make with AC power passthrough and one without the power passthrough and possibly a different make.

Would they all work ok together?

Thanks in advance.

  rdave13 21 Oct 12

From what I've read it would be better to use the same make of adapters. I browsed Amazon and could find twin packs of passthrough adaptors. Some with socket above and some with socket below the mains socket height. Lower down in the suggestion field it showed 'single pack' for some of these homeplugs. You'll have to search other sites if you can find any cheaper and also if they suggest a single pack as an addition.

Good hunting.

  mrwoo 21 Oct 12

thanks rdave. I've done a fair bit of reading about this. It looks like at a mimimum I need to make sure each adator uses the same chipset and yes same make is a good idea too.

For anyone else interested solwise have been getting some very good reviews and have a good range of kit as well.


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