Can I make my Firefox bookmarks available to another user?

  polymath 21:49 06 Jun 12

Having been sole user (A) of a Vista Home Premium SP2 laptop with just 1 user account, I've created a 2nd user account for the first time. It's a for my spouse (B), for whom it'll be a first foray into using a computer (the main purpose being finding things out from the web). Firefox 12.0 is the default browser in both accounts.

Is there any way I can allow user B access to my bookmark collection, and without merging the 2 libraries? (I'd like to provide a blank canvas for user B's bookmarks, but with some way of accessing mine whenever useful).

Account A is admin, B non-admin. In our case, it would be safe to remove the password-protection of either/both most of the time, if that helps.

I've also asked in Mozilla's Firefox forum, but may get a quicker response here. (Meanwhile, I'm trying to find out if there's any way via Xmarks).

  robin_x 22:29 06 Jun 12

The followuing could be one method:

Firefox Profile Mamager allows you to select a Profile at Startup.

Set up new FF as Spouse (B) default and Polymath as 2nd profile.

Use Mozbackup in Your Windows acct first to backup your settings and bookmarks (and in case something goes wrong)

In Spouse's windows acct, use Mozbackup to restore the backup to Polymath profile.

So there will now be two independent Polymath profiles, identical at first, in each of the Windows accts.

FF Sync (Tools/Options/Sync) can be set not to merge but always to sync from the FF server. But I'm not sure if it handles the profiles correctly or is 'global'.

Have a play, if you used Mozbackup, it's easy to recover if you mess up.

Otherwise just Sync by a manual method/app every now and again.

nc (Tools/options/Sync can be set

  robin_x 22:31 06 Jun 12

Edit: disregard last line repeated in error above.

  polymath 22:52 06 Jun 12

Many thanks! I'll try that tomorrow & report back.


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