can i make desktop pc wireless ?

  worcesterman47 16:00 31 May 08

hi, i am a sky broadband user(with the sagem router) & currently use a laptop wirelessly... & my desktop pc connected by ethernet cable to router..all works question is..i would like to move my desktop pc upstairs..but hopefully have it not connected with ethernet cable this possible? also if it is what would i need to get to make it possible..i am running win xp & a modernish pc if that makes any difference..many many thanks in advance or any advice,help,suggestions..thank you

  crosstrainer 16:04 31 May 08

I assume your router is wireless, as you are connecting with the laptop. The answer is yes, you can buy a PCI wireless card cheap enough, but this would mean that you no longer have a "Hard Wired" connection to access your router.

Whilst it's possible, I would not advise it...It can cause problems if you wish to access the routers admin settings. Not impossible, just not something I would do.

Wireless cards:

click here

Make sure that the card you choose is compatible with your operating system

  worcesterman47 16:16 31 May 08

many thanks for that info..much appreciated..but about router connection...if i needed to access the router settings could i not connect laptop to router with ethernet cable? just wondered. many thanks again

  dms_05 16:16 31 May 08

If you need to reset your Sky Router just use your laptop connected by cable. It will work well and you will only need to do it very infrequently.

One other option is HomePlug where the LAN connection is made through your 240v mains cable. This has the advantage of no long LAN cables but it still performs as a cabled connection.

  Picklefactory 17:02 31 May 08

As above, Yes you can. I ran my pc wireless for some time, I had Linksys router on PlusNet, and could access settings through web browser or cable. I was on ADSL which was a little bit involved in setting up, but not rocket science. I now find cable much easier. Disadvantage with wireless, is dropping connection, or at least, it was for me anyway.

  antony.dandrea 17:05 31 May 08

Yes you can.
I did it myself a couple of days ago.
All you need is a wireless USB adapter which you can get from places like PC world, and i strongly advise you buy it from the same make as your router.

  worcesterman47 17:05 31 May 08 you have a link for the HOMEPLUG...cheers...and thanks to the rest of you guys...cheers

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