Can I legally use Vista

  Hetti 17 Oct 11

Hi all I have a PC which runs Win XP and also one that runs Vista Im going to scrap PC that runs Vista,question is can I use my copy of Vista on the PC that was running XP? If I can do this, is it an easy operation for a novice?

  mooly 17 Oct 11

If the copy of Vista is a full retail licensed version then yes. Its yours to use as you wish on any PC.

If it is an OEM or upgrade disc then it's no as the license is tied to the machine it's installed on. Try and install it on another and the license key will not be accepted as the key will be "tagged" electronically to various hardware items in your Vista PC.

  chub_tor 17 Oct 11

mooly are you absolutely sure about not being able to re-use an Upgrade disc? I can understand it if the upgrade disc is used on a machine with a pre-installed OEM OS as in a sense that effectively makes the upgrade OEM. But if the original machine has used a retail disc for its initial installation and then is upgraded could not that combination be used on a new machine provided it is removed from the old one first? I would be interested in the legality of that.

  mooly 18 Oct 11

I see what you mean...

I tried throwing that at Google and didn't come up with an exact answer.

It's one license key with the upgrade disc so only one PC... but does it tie it to the PC if you started with say a retail version of XP rather than preinstalled OEM.

Maybe one to ask over at the MS forums.

As far as the original OP's question, perhaps the OP could advise what kind of Vista DVD they have available to do the install with and whether the original operating systems were preinstalled or not.


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