Can I legally use this method

  Joe R 21:01 31 Oct 06

I have just been handed a P.C. to "fix", with my problem being, that the system is so full of viruses and spyware, I can't run system restore, or install anything to remove said viruses/malware. The system is so unstable, that almost nothing runs, and it has random reboots.

There are no problems on the hardware side, with all parts tested on another system.

My main problem is, that a system restore disc, should have been made as soon as the system was delivered, but needless to say wasn't done.

The O's is XP home, and the key is affixed to the side of the case.

Would I be legally or morally, be in the "right" to install one of my own copies of XP home on this machine, and changing the serial key after installation, to match the original serial.

Legally, I realise that this action may border on the wrong side of the law, but morally I feel I am only returning the system to it's original state.

  VoG II 21:06 31 Oct 06

You should be able to use your CD but enter his product key. I've never done it but I understand that it is possible. The alternative would be to use your product key then change it afterwards using click here

I think that you are morally OK to do this and as for legality, unless you invite Bill Gates to watch, who is to know :o)

  Scouter 21:06 31 Oct 06

I had to re-install XP on friends PC - he forgot his disk so I used mine but entered his key from sticker on pc as it was his licence number XP loaded fine

  rdave13 21:12 31 Oct 06

Can't think how you can restore it to original state using an xp disc as the hdd would have had a hidden partition, so that using the restore disk, which should have been burnt originally, would restore to factory settings with all the drivers etc using that partition.
Having said that I'd do it.

  Joe R 21:26 31 Oct 06

Thank you for the replies. Will now think about going ahead.:)

  keef66 12:03 01 Nov 06

I too used my XP home cd to reinstall on sister in law's pc using her COA product key on the side of her case. All went smoothly, including on-line Windows activation.

The only downside was I had to spend a while identifying various components and obtaining drivers for them, which a system restore disk would have avoided.

  birdface 12:54 01 Nov 06

If you use your product key, As far as i know, If you then have problems with your machine,And try to install it ,Microsoft will not recognise it, Because it is already installed elsewhere,So then you will have problems, Use your friends product key and it should be Ok,

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