can I just reformat C partition?

  Pier1 15:03 20 Feb 03

Hi, using the usual reformatting procedure, i.e start in DOS prompt and type format c:\, will it just reformat the c drive on a partitioned hard disk?

I basically intend to back up my files on another partition, reformat the OS drive and reinstall Windows from scratch.

It might be a really obvious question, but I just want to make sure before I do it...

PS: another quick one. When setting up the PC again I want to keep the OS on a separate drive to the other applications, presumably this makes it more efficient, right? If so, how do you suggest I distribute apps over the two drives (1 hard disk, partitioned), eg MS Office etc...

  Cams 15:12 20 Feb 03

It depends on what OS you're planning to install. If it's Windows XP or 2000, you can simply boot from the installation disk and format the C: when prompted.

If it's Windows 98, ME etc. then you'll have to format the C: drive as you suggested (format c: at a DOS prompt) then install from there.

For partitions, I would suggest having C: for OS and OS updates, a second partition for applications and a third for data. That's what I do in any case.


  scooby43 15:12 20 Feb 03

Hi Pier1

yes it will work just put in your boot up disk

and then select start with cdrom support

when you get to the prompt you can then type format c:

then chose yes to go ahead with the format


  dth 17:30 20 Feb 03

i agree too. keep your o/s and programs on the C drive and all your data on D. If you use the 'my documents' system on windows for files - open windows explorer, then right click on my documents and select properties - change to D:\my documents

  Pier1 17:48 20 Feb 03

Thnks guys.

However my main question was: will a format from DOS only affect the C drive on a partitioned disk? That's what I presume (and hope).

  Pier1 17:51 20 Feb 03

...since I partitioned using Partition Magic.

  Pier1 18:12 20 Feb 03

do you think it's best to install other key applications eg antivirus, zip drive software, firewall, Office, directX etc on C (OS) or D (apps)?

  Switcher 18:27 20 Feb 03

When you perform a format you are required to stipulate the drive or partition. Therefore you can format c: only if you wish.

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