Can I Install O/S on Slave Hdd from my desktop

  Field Division 23:19 04 Oct 06

I want to install a O/S Xp onto a 40g hdd but cant seem to get the pc that I want it on, so I was wondering if I connect the hdd to my main pc as a spare and load xp onto it that way..


  johnnyrocker 23:25 04 Oct 06

i think it would work ok ( with my limited knowledge ) but what is the prob finding a pc?


  Field Division 23:32 04 Oct 06

The pc I am wanting to use is very limited but is ideal for what i want to use it for,the specs are pen2 with 512mg memory,when I boot m/c up with formated hdd in it hangs at post.

  Field Division 12:47 05 Oct 06


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:35 05 Oct 06

Wont work

will load wrong drivers i.e. drivers for motherboard in new machine no pent2 machine.

Also will not solve your problem of hanging at POST.

You may have a faulty IDE cable in old machine also check jumper setting on drive set to master if only drive on cable.

check BIOS to see if IDE controllers are enabled

run through the check list for drives not detected in BIOS at Hard disk checks before you condemn it
click here

  Field Division 14:24 05 Oct 06

Fruit Bat /\0/
Cables are fine and jumper settings have been check and repositioned to see if it would help.
Bios settings also okay.will have a look at your link..

  Field Division 14:31 05 Oct 06

Stop the bus...sorry I had a look at the cables on the web site and I have just thought that the cables after all might be different, ultra and non ultra, the reason i am thinking this is that i installed a 20gig hdd and atleast this booted for me to format but the sectors were knackered so it went straight to the bin..The down side is that I will need to wait until I get home to check it out..will keep you informed

  Field Division 00:20 06 Oct 06

Checked cables and yes I had wrong type connected so I connected the correct 1 and it booted from xp disk which let me install/partition and delete, problem now is that it loops after it has loaded xp files and reboots and seems to start over again asking what i want to do, the only error I seem to see is ( No emulation system type)at post.

  Field Division 12:42 06 Oct 06

Think I will go and buy a new motherboard anyone got any good ideas?just looking for some cheap so I can put in my celron chip.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:48 06 Oct 06
  Field Division 12:35 09 Oct 06

Just bought a new motherboard as the problem was starting to stress me out,so I will just need to install my celeron cpu instead now,might as well use up all the bits n pieces I have lying around,when I install new M/B will the loading of xp be quite straight forward?

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