Can I have more ?

  ned3110 17:25 29 Jan 08

Hi all

I have a live box and I was wondering if it is possible to have more than the stated 4 PCs connected wirelessly?

The reason I ask is that We are about to invest in a property to rent out to students, and want to be able to offer broadband for each room. There are 5 bedrooms.

Has anyone else done this?
Is there also any legal implications that need to be considered?
What extra hardware would be needed if any?

Hope someone can help?


  STREETWORK 22:01 29 Jan 08

I have livebox and can connect 3 PC's and a lappy but do experience slowdown when the boys are online.

You could ask Orange, but the response may not be what you are looking for from them.

It can be done, but students surfing could be a problem if your speed is poor...

  ambra4 01:01 30 Jan 08

On a normal router you can have a max of 253 computers connected and accessing the Internet and local network at the same time

The Router’s default IP address is

The Starting IP Address will be, but can't exceed

A Max of 192 hard wired using the 4-router ports with a 48-port switch connected to each router port

Sample of a 48-port switch

3Com Baseline 2948 48 Port Gigabit SFP Plus Switch

click here

Plus a max of 56 wireless devices, computers, wireless printers, game console, printer servers, wireless cameras, wireless Range Extender etc

Base on a normal 12Mb broadband service the access for all 256 users trying to access the Internet at the same time will be a slight delay.

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