Can I get broadband?

  pbrian 14:54 06 Jan 03
  pbrian 14:54 06 Jan 03

I have checked with BT online and they tell me that broadband is not available in my area and gives a list of the number of people who have enquired.I am also unable to receive cable.
With all the advertisements for broadband lately, eg AOL, does it mean that I cannot get broadband AT ALL with ANY company?
Thank you

  jcb33 14:57 06 Jan 03

u cannot get it at the moment but if u take part in the partition with bt to enable ur local exchange u will need 500 ppl 2 registar an interest tho

  PC 14:57 06 Jan 03

As I understand it, only if you can get cable. Otherwise BT are waiting until there is 'enough demand in your area', then they will put it in (hence the list of people asking for it) - so get your neighbours to ask for it

  graham 15:06 06 Jan 03

BT is under pressure by the gov to speed up the availability of broadband. Why not fax your MP on click here and get your neighbours to do the same?

  WaTcHiNg 15:15 06 Jan 03

What if you live on an island with 50 people. Will BT never upgrade the exchange?

Is the petition system intelligent enough to match a name to a good number and whether it's been used once before (or even whether that number is on that exchange)?

  €dstow 15:18 06 Jan 03

Have a look at this: click here

It give the BT tracker listings for various exchanges and the trigger points. If the link doesn't work properly, go to click here and click on Demand Tracker Data in top right corner.


  pbrian 15:34 06 Jan 03

Thanks to all for the help. Much appreciated

  jcb33 15:38 06 Jan 03

thats ok

  jcb33 15:38 06 Jan 03

thats ok

  hgrock 15:47 06 Jan 03

try Tiscali dont know how they do it but they offer broadband where BT said no, they said yes to me in ascot haven't used then yet

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