Can I fit a second hard drive - take two

  wobblymike 09:20 28 Jun 03

Forum Editor very kindly answered my question about a second hard drive just a few minutes ago. In my PC however the existing hard drive is bolted into a frame which screws onto the chassis, presumably I will need to fit the second HDD into a similar frame there is room behind it on the chassis to do this but can you tell me where I can get such a frame or will I need to make one. This is a Elonex P166.

  Bodi 09:32 28 Jun 03

Desktop/Midi Tower?

If you have a spare five and quarter bay, you can get a couple of rails which would enable you to fit in there.

Sometimes, in a desktop case you will find a space below the two exposed five and a quarter bays. You would still need the rails but there may be room in which to install a hard drive.


  wobblymike 09:38 28 Jun 03

Thanks for the reply, the case is a desktop and the bays are full, as far as I can see the only available space is immediately behind the exixting HDD or possibly below it either way I would need a mounting frame - I suspect I might have have to just replace the HDD rather than add a new one

  Bodi 09:46 28 Jun 03

On the right hand side of some desktops, alongside the PSU, there is sometimes a hard disk cradle - sideways on. Might be worth looking there too!


  wobblymike 10:01 28 Jun 03

had a look no joy I'm afraid but thanks for trying to help

  seedie 12:04 28 Jun 03

I've got a desktop case too. Due to shortage of space got a HD sitting on the polystyrene base of a pizza on the floor of the case.


  SEASHANTY 12:21 28 Jun 03

Hard drives get hot and require ventilation. Fixing a hard drive to the casing floor is just asking for trouble.

  Megatyte 12:31 28 Jun 03

Some cases are drilled on the base for drive mounting. I had a HP with 4 SCSI drives velcroed to the base, never a problem.


  SEASHANTY 16:15 28 Jun 03

The mind boggles! Why would anyone want FOUR SCSI drives I wonder. Not to even think of the costly expense of SCSI. Wasn't a three foot high server was it? All depends on what cooling fans you have I suppose. I only have the one 80GB drive partitioned into three and Sisoft Sandra frequently tells me the Motherboard is running hot. Doesn't monitor the hard drive - which gives me some comfort. I still think that PC's need plenty of space and ventilation inside. Cramming them full is just asking for trouble.

  microswift 17:27 28 Jun 03

Hard drives also need earthing thats why they are screwed to the chassiss.

  dazzling (work) 17:42 28 Jun 03

what about an external model more exspensive but makes it portable as well.darren

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