Can I do this with Partition Magic??

  JBX22 01:21 17 Nov 06

Dear All,

I have a system with 2 internal HDDs and an external HDD (250GB). The internals are 200GB (D:\) and one split into C:\ (20GB) which has the OS etc and E:\ (60GB)which is data.

I have new software that needs 20GB on its own so I need to resize the partitions to about 30GB and 50GB. Can I do this with Partition Magic? - file structure is NTFS.

I did find a windows utility but it said it couldn't do it for whatever reason. Please help.


  Snec 06:07 17 Nov 06

Yes, that is what PM is for. That's an amazingly large (20GB) piece of software you have there, mind.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:03 17 Nov 06

Can you not just install to your D:\ 220G drive?

  JBX22 09:38 17 Nov 06

Hi Guys,
Thanks for this was afraid of deleting something important. Will it be ok on the external HD? Wasn't sure if it needed to be on the C:.

It is Adobe Production SUite Premium which is on like 7 DVDs, says it could take an hour to install and has a minimum RAM requirement of 1GB, ideally 2GB!!!

IF you think I can install on external drive, this would save some time. Then I can call this resolved.

  Simsy 11:10 17 Nov 06

you probably can install to the external drive, I would have thought that the nature of what the software is doing means it will require frequent, fast access to the HDD for various gubbins... bearing this in mind I suspect that USB is not the best interface and you would be better installing to an internal disc, eg the D, as suggested by Fruit Bat /\0/\.

(I'm assuming it's video/music/image software?)

I'm open to correction on my theory, of course!

Good luck,



  JBX22 12:20 17 Nov 06

Hi again,

Yes it is video editing and will require lots of rapid access. But now I'm more confident about the Partition Magic approach.

Thanks for your help

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