Can I create a bootable CD from my system files...

  phaeton 22:46 13 Jan 04

OK - standard screwup by someone here (might be me might not....) on putting together a new PC. Have an old XP disk that won't run in DOS so I installed Win98 first then put XP on as an upgrade - except that I first put it on one HD which had Win98 on already and was formatted FAT32 so then did a fresh install to the new NTFS HD having booted the machine from the other. Surprise surprise I now have the odd problem with the system. I think it's too convoluted for Bootmagic to resolve and simply want to FDisk and start again but if I am using NTFS I can't load 98 and my XP pro disk won't run form the dos prompt if I boot to dos from a floppy.
So - can I create a boot CD from my system files to boot to Windows somehow? Or shall I go out and buy a more up to date copy of XPPro that will boot?

  woodchip 22:51 13 Jan 04

You do not need to, all you do is Fdisk and create a partition shut comp down restart go into bios and set Comp to start from CD as first boot device intead of the floppy disc being first. then restart with XP cd in comp

  maverick1 23:05 13 Jan 04

you can also download boot disks from Microsoft website but beware XP wants six of them in total!

  zoobie 23:15 13 Jan 04

Yep...I just tried that and freaked out when MS asked for 6 floppys which I didn't have. There's always the great utility for free...56mb of diagnostic/boot disks saving you from having to dig thru old floppys...

  Nosmas 02:07 14 Jan 04

To help a friend who is having trouble installing a new HDD, I made a boot disk for him from my daughter's XP system and it only needed one floppy.

Can someone please explain why downloading a boot floppy from MS's website will require SIX floppies? I haven't yet passed the floppy I made to my friend, but will it work for him?

  Nosmas 18:25 14 Jan 04


  phaeton 19:13 14 Jan 04

woodchip - the CD is an early XP one and won't boot; hence the problem

re floppies I think the single floppy boots to DOS (?) - which is fine if you can get the CD running from there but mine says it requires the Windows environment to run. Will also look into the 6 floppies - but don't have 6 floppies (DVD Ram, DVD burner, CD writer, Virtual drive and card readers but only 2 floppies!)
Bela - thanks just what I was looking for but a little complicated. I will look to try out. The second route is a bit of a cheat and in many ways duplicates what I tried to achieve in the first place. The problem is that some of the hardware will not run under Win98 and Win XP won't load until the drivers/software are installed - it just creates an error to the effect that the system can't run in it's current configuration. I tried to get round this by doing a clean install to the new HD having booted from the old one but ended up with learning the hard way about active partitions etc. PM won't even recognise the HD with all the programs on - only 2 empty partitions on Disk1 (they show empty but have Win98 on one and XP on the other).

  phaeton 19:19 14 Jan 04

because the machine is booting from one partition on one drive (active partition) PM doesn't recognise the other drive at all otherwise I presume I could re-lable the new drive as C: then remove the old drive from the machine and bob your uncle.......problem over. As it is if I remove the other HD and tell it to boot from this one it isn't happy because it can't find a partition C; on it anywhere!

  woodchip 19:29 14 Jan 04

You can do it this way, Start with Win98 floppy disc and let it load CD-Rom Drivers then with the XP disc in comp DIR the CD you will have to try different Drive letters until you find the CD-ROM then copy the XP setup folder to C: as a typical example

X:\copy X:\Windows XP C:

where X:\ is the drive letter, then run the setup from the Hard Drive as I think that may be the problem.

PS if this is a XP upgrade CD you will not get it to load without the old OS installed or at least some of the files

  phaeton 21:02 14 Jan 04

yep it's an upgrade disk hence the problem. I have both the Win98 CD and the upgrade as a 'set' but they are useless unless you can install Win98 which I can't for the reasons above.

Thanks for your contribution.

  phaeton 21:02 14 Jan 04

yep it's an upgrade disk hence the problem. I have both the Win98 CD and the upgrade as a 'set' but they are useless unless you can install Win98 which I can't for the reasons above.

Thanks for your contribution.

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