Can I Connect Modem with Router to a Router? 2

  David Y 19:31 09 Nov 07

(this continues from the first of the same title)

Thanks, Mgmcc, for the advice.

FYI, I was advised by the D-Link ppl to displace the router mode of the DSL500G by enabling the bridge mode and disable the route. After this, connect router #1 to the WAN port of #2 by lan cable and then to set the PPP in #2 router. Unfortunately, the D-Link router was unable to save the new settings despite many many attempts.

I managed to lay my hands on a old Aztech ADSL modem router with default DHCP enabled. I connected the LAN cable to one of the wireless LAN ports and managed to get on the net without a problem. I don't have to set up PPP in the 2nd router. It doesn't work when connected to the WAN port though.

Thanks for the instructions.


David Y

  mgmcc 23:44 09 Nov 07

You're confusing me too now.

If the D-Link is a combined Modem/Router, you connect that to the ADSL enabled phone line in the normal way. If there is a Router/Bridge option, leave it as a Router. You run the PPPoA connection in this router.

Then, connect a "Cable/DSL" router (i.e. a stand-alone router with no integral Modem) to it by running an ethernet cable from one of the D-Link's LAN ports to the Cable/DSL router's WAN port. This router is configured for a "direct" connection or to get its IP address by DHCP. The exact terminology varies. This second router doesn't establish a connection to the ISP, that's already been done by the D-Link router.

Both routers have DHCP enabled and the second router's WAN address is the one allocated by the first router. The second router then has the computers connected to it and allocates their IP addresses.

...not sure what having the two routers achieves, but that's another matter. I do on occasions run a "sub-router" connected to my main router.

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