Can I combine a Netgear GS105 switch into existing network?

  Happy37 09:31 01 Apr 15

Hi all,

Good morning.

As per the title of my thread, can I add or combine a Netgear GS105 switch into my existing network of 2 PCs which are currently running at 100MB. (Fast Ethernet)

Both PCs can run at Gigabit Ethernet speeds as the ports support this and I want to take advantage of the much faster speeds.

I have a PlusNet supplied Technicolor router (Technicolour TG582n 4 Port Wireless Router) as well as the Openreach supplied modem (HG612) running a Fibre connection.

All works well on that front.

Am I right in thinking that I plug the router into the switch using a network cable (Uplink port 5) and then plug the PCs network cables into the switch?

Thanks for any advice that any of you can provide.

Kind Regards,


  robin_x 12:30 01 Apr 15

Yes. Plug and forget, hopefully.

  Happy37 12:55 01 Apr 15

Thanks robin_x.

Much appreciated.

Will pop back and let you know how it goes.


  Happy37 20:25 01 Apr 15


All done.

According to the manual, it tells you which lights should be on for Gigabit ethernet etc.

Can I somehow verify if the network is truly running at Gigabit speeds?

Thanks again for all the help - much appreciated.



  robin_x 20:40 01 Apr 15

Copy a movie over it and time it.

Or a big download eg Ubuntu is about 1GB now.

Theoretical speeds can be very inaccurate anyway.

I calculate my backups to ext drive (USB2 not a Network drive) at about 1GB per minute)

So I know if I'm backing up several tens of GBs roughly how long it will take.

  robin_x 20:42 01 Apr 15

(time it after download has finished I mean)

  Happy37 19:20 02 Apr 15

A 1GB file downloads in about 2 minutes.

Then it moves across the network in about 10 seconds or so.

100MB/s - 125MB/s transfer speeds.

Looking good robin_x.

You think so?



  robin_x 19:38 02 Apr 15

Looks pretty good to me. :-)

  Happy37 06:23 04 Apr 15

One of my network patch leads was a bit flaky (the lighst kept going on and off on the switch.)

Replaced with a new one and all is working really well. It really shows how much difference there is between 100MB and 1Gbps speeds.

Thanks robin_x for all your help.

Much appreciated.


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